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Meet America's New Homecoming Queen; Manufacturing

Before the pandemic, in 2017-2018, we had witnessed the peak of globalization.  Results of several recent polls taken of industrial leaders indicate that between 65% to 85% plan to re-shore, nearshore, or insource products manufactured in remote parts of the world to reduce their supply chain risk.


  • Great title! Great article!

  • After my newsletter was sent a friend forwarded this Fortune article on decoupling the China supply chain. That after a $1 trillion cost to restore everything, it would still be beneficial. Let that sink in...

    Couple quotes from the article; "another major reason behind this trend toward the “localization” of supply chains: the emergence of “stakeholder capitalism,” which has prompted companies to become more accountable to the needs not only of shareholders but consumers, employees, and regulators."

    "While these various stakeholders are approaching supply chain issues from “very different perspectives,” BofA analysts note that they are all arriving at a similar conclusion: that “portions of supply chains should relocate, preferably within national borders and failing that, to countries that are deemed allies.”


  • Yes, please send business to your allies!

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