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It's tough to make a good decision when your pants are on fire.

When things go wrong and you need to problem solve and make important decisions quickly, stop. You can't. That's usually the worst time to make important decisions, especially quickly.

Our brains do not perform optimally under stress. Too much cortisol and other anxious brain chemicals. Too much juice flowing for the fight or flight response. Our arms and legs want to move and get us away from danger. Our brains are hard-wired to protect us from danger. Even if the danger is not physical but actually an unhappy client or employee.

A stressful situation is not the optimal time for thinking clearly.

From my Muay Thai training, I've learned that what is needed in this situation is a front kick. A front kick doesn't solve the problem or take out your opponent. It creates distance between you and your problem. It gives you time to get your balance and plan your next moves.

The next time you're faced with making an important decision under fire, use a front kick to give yourself time and space to make a better decision.


  • In most cases business decisions are not life and death, likely 99.99% of the time. Additionally, I've never had anyone dropping bombs on my head.

    We need to keep the urgency of the fire fighting culture in perspective. As Phil points out use the front kick to buy time, and to clear you head to make excellent decisions.

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