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What is the economic status of our location due to Covid-19?

On April 23, the Saskatchewan premier Scott Moe announced a five phase plan and gradual return to normal economic activity since it appears we have flattened the curve in our province of 1.1 million people. We are very fortunate that we started shutting down early, have a low population density, and had few early hot spots.

On May 4, health providers can reopen their clinics with special cleaning protocols and social distancing requirements. Also, fishing and boat launches are allowed.

On May 15, golf courses can open.

On May 19, all retail services previously ordered shut may reopen.

On June 1, campgrounds will reopen.

What is the status in your area?


  • Things just started a slow phase back...

    Our May 4th Stay Home Stay Healthy order has been extended. That being said, construction is being phased back in on that date, along with some outdoor activities like golf, fishing , and hunting. There are restrictions on all - for example golf is only twoseomes unless you are a family unit of three or more. We don't anticipate any real movement until June.

  • Oregon has had 101 deaths, mostly retirement homes and long-term care facilities yet we have put 300,000 people on unemployment and destroyed any number of businesses and peoples financial lives. That equates to 2,970 individuals on unemployment per death. As of Friday the US has put 576 people on unemployment per individual death. I don't want to downplay the value of a life, but it seems the cure is going to be worse than the disease.

    People in Oregon have continued to play golf and run, bike and walking out in the open. Social distancing is taking place and mask are being worn in about 50% of the cases.

  • edited May 2020


    Those are very interesting metrics! I don’t see anyone else writing about that.

    Are you writing about them elsewhere? If so, send us the links.

  • I have just done the calculations myself based on the latest data as of Friday while sitting talking with my brother on a park bench six-feet apart drinking a take-out coffee. ;-) I should indeed write about it.

  • In WA State, we've been hit a bit harder. Over 15,000 cases and 830 deaths. We've had a large number of those deaths between the ages of 45-59, so it's far from just the elderly and infirm. Recently a 49 year old police officer in our county passed from it.

    The governor laid out a 4-phase plan where we are still in Phase 1, although golf, fishing, and the rest of construction comes back tomorrow. Golfers will only be able to go out in two-somes; only one golfer per cart. This Phase will last through May 31st. Each phase will have a minimum of three weeks in between; however individual counties that are not as hard hit can apply to accelerate their phases.

    My guess for our state is we won't hit the final phase until September.

    Final note. I'm hearing rumblings that OSHA will require a COVID-19 safety plan for all businesses to return employees back to offices and businesses. While free "off the shelf" offerings are available online, my message to my community is that its the same as buying a suit off the rack and not tailoring it. The fit doesn't work. In a suit, you look bad; in a safety plan, you might get people sick or worse.

  • Dan,

    Great analogy with a suit and a custom tailored safety plan. Are you able to use technology to create customized safety plans via templates, questions, and automated calculations?

  • Our Prime Minister Scott Morrison will be making some further announcements on Friday of this week, but has indicated that, given how successfully we have contained the virus in Australia (6875 cases and 97 deaths in a country of 25 million people), he wants to focus back on the economy.

    In New South Wales, our largest state (Sydney is the capital):

    1. Schools are going back gradually - one day per week to start with a focus on Higher School Certificate (Year 12 - our final year) students.
    2. Two guests are allowed to visit your home.
    3. Some smaller retail stores are looking to open up more widely from next Monday. Some have kept trading throughout, though with restrictions as to the number of people allowed in store.
    4. Pubs, Clubs and Restaurants are still closed.
    5. One of our professional sporting codes, the National Rugby League, is recommencing on 28th May. Training has commenced for the teams and they are based in various locations around New South Wales.

    It was reported in the Australian Financial Review this week:

    1. Tests for diabetes are down 75% since the outbreak commenced.
    2. Referrals for cancer diagnoses are down 1/3.
    3. Visits to GPs for general medical consultations are down 20% to 30%.

    I've said all along, the longer we keep things closed, the greater the non-virus medical consequences will be for the community. Unfortunately, that appears to be bearing out.

  • Yes. I'm already starting to reach out to clients this week on the subject as well as begin some quick hitter videos for social media and my website.

  • Dean,

    We are seeing the same thing here regarding higher non-virus medical consequences due to hyper focus on the virus.

    One sad case I heard about was a young man with a family had a brain issue that required surgery. However, surgeons weren't allowed to do optional surgeries. The father died.

    There are always consequences for any decisions and actions.

    Australia is definitely a leader when it comes to protecting and minimizing outbreaks which enable it to open up. Those countries or locals with outbreaks need different strategies and tactics to contain the spread while balancing the functioning of the rest of the economy and society.

    It looks like most politicians in Canada are willing to err on the side of conservatism. Protecting and containing outbreaks in seniors' care facilities seems to be a critical (literally) success factor.

    Gary has some interesting statistics on unemployment vs. fatalities.

    We can't freeze the economy for ever.

  • I'm in Miami, FL, USA.

    As of May 11th. we are still in Shelter In Place.

    On May 18th we are hoping some parks, business and restaurants to 25% capacity.

    We have seen great improvements to the, % tested positive to total COVID test administered.

    We see the light at the end of the tunnel and it's not a freight train...

  • Today's update. When I hear that it's just the elderly, it makes me cringe. These numbers have been tracking for a month in our state about the age demographics. Keeping my mask securely on when I'm out in public...

    Washington state has now conducted 256,321 tests with 6.8 percent coming back positive.

    People in the 40-59 age group make up 34 percent of the cases. People in the 20-39 are 30 percent of the cases. The 60-79 age group are 22 percent of the cases. Those who are age 80 and older make up 9 percent of the cases with age 19 and younger coming in at 5 percent of the cases.

  • The concerning part is that people with no apparent symptoms can be carriers and infect others. This will be ongoing for a long time.

  • I posted this link in another discussion link. I believe it worth the read and my understanding it's a valid article.

    The Risks - Know Them - Avoid Them

    Updated: 3 days ago

    Please read this link to learn about the author and background to these posts.

    It seems many people are breathing some relief, and I’m not sure why. An epidemic curve has a relatively predictable upslope and once the peak is reached, the back slope can also be predicted. We have robust data from the outbreaks in China and Italy, that shows the backside of the mortality curve declines slowly, with deaths persisting for months. Assuming we have just crested in deaths at 70k, it is possible that we lose another 70,000 people over the next 6 weeks as we come off that peak. That's what's going to happen with a lockdown.

    As states reopen, and we give the virus more fuel, all bets are off. I understand the reasons for reopening the economy, but I've said before, if you don't solve the biology, the economy won't recover.

    There are very few states that have demonstrated a sustained decline in numbers of new infections. Indeed, as of May 3rd the majority are still increasing and reopening. As a simple example of the USA trend, when you take out the data from New York and just look at the rest of the USA, daily case numbers are increasing. Bottom line: the only reason the total USA new case numbers look flat right now is because the New York City epidemic was so large and now it is being contained.

  • Art,

    Is it possible for New York to avoid a second wave since they had massive expansion on the first phase?

  • If the past is indication of the future, there will be a second wave. When watching news conferences I could not help but notice the absence of Mayor Bill de Blasio, it's his city and Gov. Andrew Cuomo was taking center stage. These two leaders are at odds with one another, with this much to lose, they need to come together as leaders. The article below confirms my suspicions. Blasio wanted total shut 6-7 days before Cuomo allowed it! What is this cost in human lives.

    This is great lessons in leadership during crisis, leaders MUST park their ego and personal agendas, in this example we are seeing just how ego's can kill.

  • The New Yorker also did a similar column. The same message...the West Coast utilized science over emotions.

  • This week, we opened up Phase 3 so that means that restaurants, bars, and personal service businesses such as tattoo places are open, with new protocols in place.

    What is your status?

  • Phase 2 for the past two weeks. Our county will apply for Phase 3 on June 18th as long as no new cases occur.

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