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Gary Furr

Introduction to Gary Furr

Gary Furr, LLC specializes in business consulting to help clients to grow their businesses and dramatically improve their individual and organizational performance to achieve significant financial results. Our focus with clients is to drive greater success and improve bottom line results.

When I was a teenager, my mother and stepfather got divorced and my mom and I moved to a mountain community and lived in a cabin that my aunt owned. We lived there while my mom ran a bakery that she had purchased with the proceeds from her divorce. The mountain cabin had no insulation, and the only heat source was a large floor heater on the first floor. On cold winter days I used to stand over the heater to get dressed because the house was so cold.

My mom worked very hard at the business she had purchased. I admired her hard work but I still don’t understand why she bought a business that she knew nothing about. She struggled every single day to make it work. She learned how to make bread and donuts from the baker who came with the bakery. I learned how to wash sheet pans.

My mom spent many late nights trying to figure out how to make money and pay her bills, and we had very little left over for us. I recall eating vegetable soup night after night, so much so that for many years after I grew up I would not eat vegetable soup. I think in those formative years I vowed not to be poor when I grew up. I have learned since then that business does not have to be so hard, but it can be very hard if we do not have the business skills beyond our technical skill set to make the business a success.

The tough years my mom experienced trying to make her business work, the pain she went through, the tears she cried, and then watching her eventually go broke convinced me there had to be a better way. It is what has driven me to succeed in my own career and also to take that experience along with my MBA in organizational development to help business owners understand and learn the business skills necessary to grow and sustain a successful business. It is one of the reasons I wrote the book It’s Not Hard, It’s Business.

I am not implying that your business will not be hard work, but it can be so much more enjoyable and easier if you will learn the skills necessary to ensure your success. You do not have to go it alone. Hire a mentor or a coach to assist and advise you and hold you accountable to a higher level. Then watch your business grow.

We work with organizations from $1 million to $100 million to bridge the gap between where they are currently and their desired future.

We partner with business owners and executives as a trusted advisor to achieve even greater success in business and to meet business and personal goals. We help educate, inspire and coach individuals and teams to reach their full potential.

My Experience Includes:

CEO Gary Furr, LLC partnering with successful organizations to gain even greater success. We partner with other business owners, executives to help their companies grow and take their businesses to the next level. We help you achieve even greater success in your business and meet and exceed your goals.

COO of a $40 million company with seven locations doing business across the U.S., Canada, the EU, China and Russia. Grew the company from $16 million to $40 million and from 300 employees to over 700. Responsible for Finance, Marketing, Sales, HR, IT and Production Management on multiple locations.

CEO of a start up company with distribution throughout the U.S, Canada and Europe. We grew this company from start-up to $1 million in annual sales.

GM/COO for this $5 million company responsible for sales, marketing, production management, organizational effectiveness, organizational design, HR. Grew the company from $3 million to $5 million.

Contact Gary:

Gary Furr, LLC Business Coaching and Consulting: 503-312-3145

[email protected]

Web: https://garyfurrconsulting.com

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